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Example: Mapping Rhino Poaching Deaths and Arrests in South African Provinces (from public SANParks an DEA data)

What data was used to create this?

A spreadsheet with rhino poaching death and arrest counts (view the dataset: latest figures released 16/10/12 - we've updated the map)

Tools used:


With seemingly insatiable demand for rhino horn in Asia, rhino deaths at the hands of poachers rose sharply in 2011, and soared in 2012. This interactive  Fusion Table intensity map shows SANParks’ tally of Rhino deaths and poaching-related arrests in the 9 South African Provinces and two of the National parks between 2009 and 2012.

Click to explore the situation in each of the nine provinces. 

Can I do something similar for my project?
  Here's how:

SANParks' Rhino Stats

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Can I do something similar for my project?


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Can I do something similar for my project?

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Can I do something similar for my project?