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Example: The establishment of Protected Areas in Southern Africa

What data was used to create this?

A public GIS dataset (shapefiles from

Tools used:

Google Earth Pro or
Fusion Tables


As part of his honours thesis (in Environmental and Geographical Science at UCT), John Heydinger created this animation showing how protected areas were established in Southern Africa through time. 

Can I do something similar for my project?
  Here's how:


Embedded KML Viewer

Drag the two arm in the top left hand corner apart to view the animation. Download the Time series animation file here. Double click on the file to view the animation in Google Earth.

See Other examples like this from around the world:

Baboon Home Range use on the Cape Peninsula, South Africa

Researcher Tali Hoffman used Google Earth to present her results on baboon home range use.
(see larger image)

Can I do something similar for my project?

Predicted global temperature change by the MET Office Hadley Centre

The Met Office Hadley Centre, British Antarctic Survey and UK Government have created an animation from GIS layers to show predicted climate change (download KML

Can I add my GIS data to Google Earth and animate it like in this example?

Reefs at risk: a Global assessment (WRI Reefs at Risk Revisited project)

These global maps show coral reefs rated according to level of threat in the present, 2030, and 2050.  [
downloadable KML, online map, tour] 

Can I add my GIS data to Fusion Tables and Google Earth to produce a map like this?