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Image Overlays

Example:  Showing environmental change from 1958 to today in Hout Bay, South Africa with a simple JPG photograph

What data was used to create this?

      • A JPG image of a 1958 aerial photograph (credit: Hout Bay residents association)
      • A polygon added to Google Earth
      • Two images (JPG) as legends


Sand deposited on Hout Bay beach is blown over the mountain to Sandy bay, creating an impressive conveyor belt of sand. By adding an old aerial photograph to Google Earth and fast forwarding to modern times one can see how developments have clogged what once was a massive dune field.


Google Earth
Google Earth Pro/Camtasia (for movie)

Can I do something similar for my project?
  Here's how:

                           Click here to download a KML file of a tour shown above.

Other examples like this from around the world:

UNEP atlas of our Changing Environment: Lake Chivero's hyacinth infestation problem

In the 1950s a hyacinth outbreak changed Lake Chivero. UNEP's atlas of our changing environment shows how hyacinth was initially eradicated, before eventually proliferating  [Download UNEP's Atlas of our changing environment to see this example]

Can I do something similar for my project?

UNEP atlas of our Changing Environment: Lake Chad (Chad, Niger, Nigeria)

Historical imagery, which can be viewed as part of Google Earth, show the dramatic changes in Lake Chad from the 1970s to the 1980s and 1990s as much of the lake dried up.

Can I do something similar for my project?

The Transformation of Crissy Field
(Golden Gate National Park, USA)

This Google Earth tour (presented as a YouTube video here) overlays old maps and images onto Google Earth to explain the transformation of Crissy Field, in the Golden Gate National Park. 

Can I add my old maps and images to Google Earth?