MAPA Project

The MAPA Project tool allows you to map you conservation efforts and areas.  See your work in context with other conservation efforts, or share only the projects you care about with your collaborators, colleagues, or the world. 

Google Geo Tools

Below is a selection of  tools & tutorials we thought might be useful to you. The tutorials were authored by Google Earth Outreach and is merely a subset of the tools & tutorials available. For more tools & resources we encourage you to check out their website

Google Earth 

Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, terrain, 3D buildings and offers rich geographical content to explore. 

You can add your own rich geographical content too: learn how to 
create rich anotations, add GIS and GPS data, and how to share your 
content with others with the resources below:


  Google Map Maker

Google Map Maker allows you to add your roads, landmarks, boundaries and businesses to Google's base map.  
Here's how:

Google Maps

Google Maps give you the ability to create a shared personalized, annotated maps with Custom Maps (via "Places"). Use this tool to create simple maps in seconds and easily share these via email, or embed in your website. 

Google Fusion Tables 

Google Fusion Tables is an online data tool. It allows you to upload data from spreadsheets, CSV or KML files, which you can share, visualize and map in minutes. You can also use Fusion tables to find and reuse public data and merge data from multiple tables. 

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